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All data points are estimates provided by the Clutch team. Each data point can change at any time and is subject to the company’s discretion once they claim ownership over their Clutch profile.

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Creative Production Studio in Heredia, Costa Rica

We produce creative content for use in entertainment and education. Our company was created around the need of some highly creative people to tell stories. We know storytelling is an essential component in entertainment and education. We believe in smart entertainment. This means that all our projects meet high standards in terms of Research, Development, and Innovation. Currently, we are in the process of developing a number of projects, ranging from pure entertainment (animated series) to fun and educative videogames to be licensed to schools and other institutions. As an organization, we have an open structure. We put together teams for each project as needed, integrating creative, technical, artistic, musical, and business talent. In the development of a project, we approach each case individually. We are prepared to customize our production contracts depending on each partner’s needs, to create win-win business joint ventures. We like to build deep, long-term relationships with our project partners, with whom we work hand in hand throughout the entire creative and production process.

2 - 9
Founded 2012
Heredia, Costa Rica


Service lines
Video Production